Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yamas Nidri, Greece-Yamas Νυδρί Ελλάδα

Yamas... cheers in Greek.  An appropriate word for such a wonderful gem of a place and the pleasant time spent in this seaside locale.  Nidri, Greece was our stop for a couple of days before we meet the boat in Lefkas town.  Nidri is a small beach resort town about 45 minutes south of Lefkas.  The beaches are pebbled and the outer islands act as a barrier and natural breaker to the waves making the beach right outside our hotel (Avra Beach Hotel) calm as a Grecian bath.  The town resembled Ko Samui, Thailand with the flavor and sophistication of Santa Barbara.  There was a nice promenade in front of the restaurants next to the harbor which we enjoyed, and where Amy got her first run in in Greece.  We enjoyed more Greek salads and tried our first plate of tzatski.  Yamas to Greece and looking forward to returning to Nidri hopefully one day.