Thursday, June 27, 2013

O, o, o...Oia, Santorini!

After our sailing adventure we packed our bags and took the long bus trip back to Athens to board our flight on Olympic Air to the island of Santorini.

We settled into our place in Oia, Santorini (Olympic Villas) and were quite pleased that there was a beautiful pool with an awesome view of Oia town and the sea right in front of us.  As luck had it we were given the room with a spectacular view.  It was the front room facing the sea...we only booked two weeks prior, so I guess the gods or maybe the Greek ones were helping us.

It didn't take long for Amy and I to say that this is the most beautiful town we have ever visited (sorry Dubrovnik).  It is kind of like a small, euro Santa Barbara with some Santa Fe-like influences.  An idyllic picture perfect postcard shot can be had with every view you take in.  The stone paths aligned with white walls refreshes the senses and leaves you in a daze of pure enjoyment and anticipation to see what beckons around the next corner.  Our task was tough...finding the perfect restaurant with a view, with our menu selection and within our budget.

This island lifestyle is definitely for us, but the rest of our year won't be this nice and spendy.  We planned to live it up for the first few weeks and then start to cook our own meals, spend less on the trips we take and stay a bit longer in places in order to save.  In true Mike and Amy fashion, we have cut corners and conserved in other ways.  We haven't done a machine load of wash since leaving Colorado... only a sink soak and an air dry.  Call it european style, ("refugee style" per Mike Villa) or just plain silly.  We are writing it off as just another experience on our journey.
 ...our friend Nikkos
....our friend Stavros

...stumbled upon a restaurant with this fantastic view

...the town of Fira

...stairway to heaven 

...Amy posing at sunset

...we rented an atv one day to tour the island