Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Launch Party in Amsterdam

Spent three wonderful days in the beautiful and very festive city of Amsterdam.  Mo and Rob came and spent the days with us in a small apartment we rented in the Westerpark area.  Chris and George came out for just 24 hours to set us out on our journey.  If the three days had anything to tell about what was to come on our journey..we had better watch out.

The Dutch made a lasting, pleasant impression on us that was very appreciated.  Whenever we got lost or needed some guidance there was a nice Dutchman/woman that stopped us and offered their assistance.

Our favorites:
-Nice tall Heinekens straight from the source
-beautiful canals
-renting bikes and cruising through the well made and various bikeways
-amazing and very clean streets and parks
-liberal city
-Anne Frank's house
-flower boxes
-bike boxes for kids built on the front of bicycles

Our guilty pleasure:
-waffles covered in chocolate
-watching and timing the guy that visited the "girl in bands" duck behind the red curtain in the red light district...(45 minutes and 50 Euro for those enquiring minds)

-3 Euro tram rides
-making up Dutch phrases (strangely sounds like Klingon)

Luckily we never did get rained on, although mother nature seemed to be ready for it.  We parted ways with Mo and Rob and boarded a flight first to Germany and then on to Greece and the city of Athens.