Sunday, September 22, 2013

Working Away in Chambon Ste. Croix, France

After our trip to Italy and 'the leisure life' Amy and I decided to try something new and do some work while away.  Before our departure Amy found a site that provides world wide working opportunities.  Those interested just need to submit an online inquiry and when accepted for the job the 'workawayers' in exchange receive free room and board.  This was a great way for us to balance our over budgeted Italy trip and give back.  The work on range from light construction and renovation jobs of farms and old homes to teaching English and working in a hostel.  

The job we selected while in France was assisting an English, expat couple with various chores around their farm in the French countryside town located in Limousin, France.  Alan and Sheila were our hosts during our workaway job.  The job consisted of a variety of tasks that were quit fulfilling and offered a welcomed change of pace.  We erected a desperately needed overhang, stacked wood, built a new deck, built a chicken coop and assembled a picnic table.  On our off days Amy and I toured the French countryside in the car our hosts generously provided to us.

Our home away from home while on our work away job. 
Dinner by the camper
Half way through our overhang project 
The finished product...the new deck 
Tea after our picnic table project 
Amy's wood stacking project. 
Almost every afternoon after work we took a walk around the town to explore.  During on days off we visited some nearby cities and hamlets.  Amy and I were amazed at how clean and picturesque all of the towns and countryside were in France.  
Out for an evening walk in Chambon Ste. Croix 
Our favorite village, La Celle Dunoise
Mike with a baguette and pastries next to our Maestro in Dun Le Palestel
Amy near the bridge in La Celle Dunoise 
Hiked the Monet trail which was an area of inspiration for Monsieur Monet and his famous paintings. 
Mike on our wet hike on the Monet trail
Our visit to the town of La Souterraine, France
The gardens in Gueret
Old town in Limoges
Fruit and vegetable market in old town Limoges 
Limoges, France 
Our neighbors (deer) near our camper
The town center nearby
Mike was excited about the 8 shelves of pates we found in the market 
...Amy was equally excited about the large variety of breads on display
Us with Sheila and Alan at the Limoges International Airport saying our good byes before our flight on Ryan Air to Liverpool, England.

Thank you Alan and Sheila for a wonderful experience and sharing with us not only the French culture, but the wonderful ways of the English!